Hi. My name’s Patricia but my friends call me Patty or Patz.

It’s taken me a while to start this blog mainly due to self-doubt and fear of judgment.

I used to hate it when people read anything I wrote. I would never let any of my friends proof-read my essays and work in school because I was terrified of what they’d think of my writing process, thoughts, opinions, arguments, whatever – I hated it. Like, could not stand the thought of anyone judging my writing because it just felt so personal.

In early 2018, I read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it (so much that I hyperlinked it – you’re welcome). One of the main things I took away from this book is to not take anything personally. This book set me free in so many ways because of this agreement. I stopped judging myself so harshly about everything. I stopped taking life and others’ opinions so seriously. I started doing things for me because it was what felt right and made me happy. I finally, truly learned that if someone judges me or talks shit with no legitimate reasoning, that it reflected poorly on them – not me.

In September 2018, I moved to Hawai’i (more on that soon). Writing became my outlet then because I didn’t have many close friends to spend time with and share everything I was experiencing. I started writing longer Instagram captions about what I was feeling, learning, and going through mentally and emotionally. I stopped seeing it as a platform to envy others’ “perfect” bodies and lives, and started seeing it as a way to help others’ in their own healing journeys. I genuinely wanted to help instead of just posting bikini pics.

From this meaningful caption-writing experience, I learned that the people who read my writing actually found the information useful. A lot were able to relate to and apply these life lessons and experiences to their own lives in a way. This definitely fueled my passion to continue writing, sharing my words and wisdom, and be of service to others in their healing journeys.

So, here we are today. At 3:22 a.m., writing this blog post to let you know (whoever you are) that this will be a regular occurrence. Maybe not at ungodly hours every time, but expect at least one new post every week. I just have a lot to say and I hope it resonates with you in some way (haha that rhymed).

If there’s a specific topic you’d like to hear about from me or if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message using the contact form (no pressure for your name and email – only if you feel comfortable sharing it).

I hope you have a lovely day and remember that you are a divine star of the cosmos in human form.


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