There’s 6 months left till 2020…

What would you do if you had no financial limitations?
How different would your life look?
What do you want to manifest for yourself?

Let’s get to work and make it happen – just grab a pen and a journal!

I like to do a journal exercise at the beginning of the year and again at mid-year as a refresher. It’s also a manifestation exercise and it’s always amazing reflecting mid-year at the first entry and seeing how things have unfolded in my life that only started as a thought.

If you know anything about the Law of Attraction, you’ll vibe.
If you’re new to this, don’t worry. I’ll explain and make it as simple as possible to follow.

The Universal Law of Attraction is based on the principle that your thoughts have the power to create your reality. This is great if you’re a positive thinker and love dreaming big. However, for the most part, people tend to have a decent amount of limiting beliefs. These are beliefs that hold you back from achieving the life you desire due to conditioning from our parents, society, etc. and often go something along the lines of “I could never make that much money” or “I can’t be as successful as this person” or “if I don’t accomplish my goal, I’ll be a failure.” Bullshit, right? Right. Guess what?! You’re not a failure if you tried one method and it didn’t work out; you’re a failure if you never tried in the first place.

So, ask yourself:

What limiting beliefs do I hold?
How are these beliefs holding me back from living my dream life?
How amazing would my life be if I no longer held onto these beliefs?
What would I do if I knew I was capable of getting the outcome I desired, every single time?
How would my everyday life look knowing I have this power?

I’ll let you in on a secret: The Universe/God/Source wants you to live the life of your dreams because it’s meant for you and no one has the power to take that away from you – except for yourself.

Oh, and here’s another secret: If you can think of it, it already exists and is available to you. It’s only a matter of being open and able to receive it.

So, are you open and able to receive the life of your dreams?

Ready to learn this life-changing manifestation journalling exercise?

Here’s how you do it:

At the top of the page, write down “WHAT I WANT TO MANIFEST…”

Then, break it down into sections.

  1. HEALTH (physical/mental; nutrition/exercise)
  2. ENVIRONMENT (community/location/surroundings)
  3. CAREER (location/hours; is it fulfilling work/how does it make you feel)
  4. RELATIONSHIPS (family/friends/partner/self)
  5. HOME (features, details; how do you want it to look? how do you want it to feel?)
  6. MONEY (why?; how much?; what will you use it for?; how does it make you feel?)

When you figure out all these details of the big picture, forget the details of how it will all happen.
Instead, go on to the next page writing at the top “I AM GRATEFUL FOR…” and re-writing everything you just listed *in present tense* (i.e. “I want to manifest a bright, spacious home in the tropics” → “I am grateful for a bright, spacious home in the tropics”).

Lastly, re-read this list as many times as you want with no expectations of any outcomes – only trust in the Universe and your manifestation powers.

Personally, I aim to read this list 4-5 times a week and really feel into the emotions of already having these things. This is key when it comes to manifestation and law of attraction practices: acting “as if” it is already yours. Another key trick is visualization. Visualize yourself eating the foods you want, being in the environment you love, working your dream job, in healthy relationships, in your beautiful home, with money constantly flowing into your bank account. When you visualize, it’s easier to stimulate the emotional side of it because it feels way more real – kind of like when you have a really good dream and wake up feeling like a million bucks, even if it was just a dream.

TIP: Start your day by mentally stating 3 things you’re genuinely grateful for before starting this practice. This helps raise your vibration and attract more to be grateful for.

An amazing thing about this practice is that you only have to put in a decent chunk of time when you’re first getting clear on what you want and writing it down. Other than that, it’s smooth sailing. You can easily incorporate it into your morning or night time routine and watch as your life becomes what you desire and visualize it to be.

Hope you found this useful and your dream life becomes your reality!

All my love,

Patty xx


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