1. Follow a diet of your choice (i.e. plant-based, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, etc.) – whatever you decide, there’s no cheat meals.
  2. Work out twice a day for at least 45 mins each time – one workout has to be outside no matter the weather.
  3. Drink a gallon of water.
  4. Read 10 pages of a personal development book – no audiobooks.
  5. Take a progress picture every day.

If you cheat or miss a rule, it’s back to day 1.

Why am I doing this challenge?

I’m a pretty easygoing person. I enjoy flowing with life. Going wherever the wind takes me. And I don’t like being or feeling restricted.
So, why would I put myself through 75 days of hardcore discipline?
As I wrote in my journal as part of my July New Moon intentions, “I choose discipline because it is outside my comfort zone.”
I am putting myself through this discomfort for discipline because I know it will ultimately lead to growth. And that makes everything worthwhile for me.

How do I feel so far?

So far, so amazing. I’m just over a week into it and I’ve noticed lots of positive changes not only in my body, but in my mental health and energy levels.
Most days, I actually look forward to working out twice a day. I look forward to reading. I look forward to noticing an increase in my mental and physical strength.

Will I make it to 75?

Yup, that’s the goal. I know that if I fuck up, it’s back to day 1. So, it’s about staying consistent with a healthy routine and setting myself up for success. It’s about remembering my ‘why.’

Would I recommend this challenge?

Yes. To everyone. This is a great way to kick off a self-development journey.
I believe that this challenge is a healthy way or medium to reset the body on all levels of being.

Tips to make it more bearable?

Start early.
And I don’t mean that as in start today. But start drinking your gallon early in the day. Aim to get a morning workout in. Try to squeeze in 5 pages of your chosen book in the morning.
Just set yourself up for success. Plan your day so that you’re not stressing to fit everything in right before bed – especially that gallon of water.

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