High-Vibe Morning Routine


I’ve been working on creating a morning routine that sets a high vibration for the rest of the day. It’s taken quite some time to figure out what works best for me and stay consistent with it. I wanted to share some of my favourite morning activities that I aim to get in daily before actually starting my day. I hope you can take bits and pieces of it – or the whole thing – to help you build a high-vibe morning routine that works best for you.


The first thing I like to do, before even opening my eyes, is mentally state 3 things that I’m grateful for.
The purpose of this practice is to raise my vibration with gratitude before awakening my senses and being stimulated by the physical world. The best way I can explain why I do this is using the weather as an example: Imagine, you open your eyes and the first thing you see in the morning is that it’s shitty weather outside… how would you feel? Probably as shitty as the weather – and that’s just the first thing to complain about. If weather doesn’t really affect you that much, let’s use this example: You wake up, open your eyes, check your phone and see you’ve received a bunch of awful or annoying messages… how would you feel? Most likely, upset or annoyed. So, to prevent and combat a day of feeling shitty and complaining, or maybe even to just equip you with the mindset to deal with awfulness and annoyances, I feel it’s best to keep your eyes closed in that first minute or so right when you begin to wake up and state in your mind what you’re grateful for. I believe that this first minute of gratitude really makes the biggest difference in how you react and respond to the circumstances you face throughout the rest of the day.
P.S. This is also good for those days you really want to stay in bed but have to get your day moving – you may have heard of the trick of counting down from 5 and when it hits 1, you get up. Well, instead, you can get up on your 3rd gratitude!

The next thing I do, is sit in meditation while listening to this Abraham Hicks rampage.
Some days, if I have a bit of extra time to sit still in bed, I also listen to this rampage for money mindset.

While I sit in meditation, I like to practice soft belly breathing.
Soft belly breathing can reduce tension in the neck and shoulders, massage the heart, and activate the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for rest and digest) through the phrenic nerve that runs down both sides of the diaphragm.
TO PRACTICE: Sit cross-legged in bed with hands on belly (I like to place one hand on my heart chakra and my other hand on my solar plexus – right above the navel). Allow the belly to expand on each inhale and contract on each exhale. It may help to envision a wave: as the belly expands on the inhale – the wave rises; as the belly contracts on the exhale – the wave returns to the ocean. As the expansion and contraction becomes more natural, focus on keeping a rhythmic breathing pattern, where the inhale and exhale are equal.


Next, I like to go through this journalling exercise to get into an abundant heart space, knowing that I have everything I need and everything that I desire is on its way to me. I really enjoy holding the emotions and excitement that each sentence brings, as well as visualizing how all of my desires would look.
Usually, I also repeat affirmations that I’ve written in my journal or new moon/full moon intentions. If you’re new to affirmations and want some outside inspiration (I highly suggest eventually searching within for affirmations), these are some of my faves:
+ Affirmations for a great day (I just really enjoy the accent – makes repeating them super fun & playful)
+ Self-confidence, health, wealth, abundance, happiness & love
+ Morning gratitude positive affirmations
+ 42 morning affirmations
+ Divine Feminine affirmations

After I get my head and heart in a good space, I feel ready to get out of my sanctuary (a.k.a. my bed lol). So, I’ll make my way to the kitchen to wash my face with 6.0pH water and fill my glass gallon bottle with some fresh 9.5pH Kangen Water. Then, I proceed to take my supplements: vitamin B12, prebiotic, probiotics, and iron. Other holistic supplements I take (usually in a smoothie or oatmeal for breakfast) are triphala, milk thistle, maca, medicinal mushrooms, Irish sea moss, and this natural multi-vitamin blend. Occasionally (when I feel a cold coming or someone around me is sick), I’ll take black seed oil and a stress relief blend.
In case you’re wondering, I get most of my supplements from this online store.


I like to get some sort of movement going in the morning – whether that’s by dancing/jumping around in my room to my fave songs or doing a yoga flow (10-30 mins usually) or going for a nature walk. Basically, I just like to get rid of any stagnant energy in my body and boost my endorphins – it feels so good, always. #noragrets

The very last thing I do – which marks the end of my morning routine and beginning of my work day – is check notifications and answer any messages/emails I need to answer. I think it’s so important to have some down time to yourself first thing in the morning before allowing other people’s opinions/emotions/energy infiltrate your feel-good vibes.


Hope you gained something from this post and feel equipped to take on each day!

All my love,

Patty xx

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