Consistency is a b*tch.

But I’m determined to make it my bitch.

Two things I’ve always struggled with are discipline and consistency. So, I’ve decided that in the last bit of 2019, I’m going to turn that around. It’s going to take a lot of focus and energy, but I am determined to release these struggles because I know so many areas of my life – and myself as an individual – will benefit from more discipline and consistency.

I’ve always been a pretty free-spirited person and it was hard to control me growing up (and even now) – not in a sense that I was/am rebellious, but I’m not one to allow others to kill my vibe.

I’m also way too easygoing that I let a lot slide by – especially when it comes to myself. Oh, didn’t get to work out today? That’s fine, there’s always tomorrow! Didn’t do what I needed to do today? That’s okay, I wasn’t feeling well enough and tomorrow is a new day!
You get the idea. Nothing ever actually gets done. I get stuck in these unproductive cycles till I feel randomly motivated again to follow a good regimen for a couple of weeks before dropping everything and doing nothing once again.

I guess the only thing I’ve ever really been consistent with over the years has been my ability to make excuses for myself… just kidding, there’s plenty of good stuff I’ve been consistent with too, I swear.

The point is, the inconsistency stops here – which means, the unproductive cycle breaks here. This is where a new chapter begins. A disciplined and consistent chapter that will hopefully be naturally integrated into further chapters of my life.

In my journal, last month, I wrote as an affirmation: “I choose discipline because it is outside my comfort zone.” 

Anyone who knows me personally, or takes the time to read my IG captions (thank you), knows that I am always seeking experiences to push my growth – mental, emotional, and spiritual (although I sometimes wish also physical when I can’t reach top shelves).
And, in case you weren’t aware, growth happens outside your comfort zone.


So, with that statement being written in my journal, I began the 75 Hard challenge. Yet, just over 2 weeks later, I found myself losing this challenge. But, in doing so, I realized how much I loved having this consistency and discipline in my life. It pushed my mental and physical limits to new extremes and I fell in love with having a set of non-negotiable personal development activities to complete each day. It became fun checking each item off my list. In hindsight, I wouldn’t actually consider this as a “loss” – sure, I lost the challenge (which I could technically just start over), but I gained a lot of mental insight, clarity and strength (and even some booty gainz lol).

So, I decided this is where I draw the line for myself – the starting line. I choose discipline and consistency because these concepts are outside my comfort zone. Today, I compile a set of non-negotiable personal development activities and, from this day forward, I will hold myself accountable for completing them daily, for at least 30 days (although, I hope to continue for life). And, quite honestly, I don’t really need to add a punishment for skipping out on them because the benefits I’d miss out on by skipping activities is a punishment in and of itself, as I’ve experienced when I started messing up on the 75 hard challenge.

From this day forward, I am committing myself to:

  1. 10 min meditation
  2. 30 min workout
  3. 15 min outdoor time
  4. reading 10 pages of a personal development book
  5. more whole, plant-based & less processed foods
  6. 1 gallon of water


I encourage you to join me in this personal development challenge. Make it personal to you and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Think of 5-7 activities that make you feel good when you do them. Commit to completing these activities for a certain period of time (over 21 days is recommended, as it takes 21 days to build or break a habit).

I wish you luck on your personal development journey.

If you’re ever seeking support and accountability in building a healthier lifestyle, please do not hesitate to contact me to book a free holistic health coaching consultation.

All my love,

Patty xx

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